We have been boring people to death since 2007

Yealink T46 €252

Solid Basics

When we first launched Voiptel back in 2007 we thought that everyone would be interested in hearing the technical and commercial reasons how this would change the world of telecoms. Guess what? people just wanted to know that it worked. So we refined our approach and now we are a little bit less boring.

Beware of Geeks Bearing Gifts
Some VoIP Phone System Providers use Candy such as, Cheap  Phones on a system with Bells and Whistles to attract customers. Bells and Whistles are great, but they can create vulnerabilities and are seldom of much use, Cheap Phones are already to expensive. A Real VoIP Telecom Switch should be able to point to a track record. Solid Basics such as Reliability and Security will never attract the lime light. In addition to Solid Basics our customers, require refined functional features, a simple to use system with crystal clear voice quality, available useful support, all wrapped up in a low flat monthly fee, which includes all calls with no surprises. 

Voiptel PBX is employed by many different business types

Voiptel Phone System ready to go to customer

Discrete Businesses

Legal and financial sectors, Generally require us to keep it simple reliable and quite, not the same call volume as a retail business, but each call worth its weight in gold, so voice quality and reliability are important. These are also the businesses that can make the biggest saving with us by line rental reduction. A Solicitors practice can save around 50% over their current monthly phone bill.

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 Exceptional Busy 

Since 1845 Phelan Conan Ltd have been the leading provider of graduation gowns to Irish universities.  In recent times graduation is an exceptionally busy phone season, every student and maybe also their parents will call Phelan Conan to double check on their gown. For the last 10+ years we have managed that call traffic and adjust the system to normal traffic for the rest of the year.

Yealink W73 €129

Partnership Customers

Not only do we provide PBX, we also  provide phone lines, this we do through partnerships. As the main broadband provider in Tipperary, TIPP BROADBAND needed a reliable phone service not just for their office but also for hundreds of their customers. Tipp Broadbands requirements were reliability, low cost, and most importantly customer service, if  we didn't work out for their customers the fall back would be on them. This type of partnership is repeated with many other independent broadband providers, such as East Cork Broadband, Rural Broadband and Piltown Community Broadband Co Kilkenny, to name but a few.

Low Flat Cost Since 2007

A well fed Maurice Twomey & Michael Twomey Outside the Voiptel Office South Mall Cork Ireland 2012

Long Ball Game

You may be reassured to know that the day we sign you as a customer isn't the day we make our profit, we are in it for the long run. From month 1 you will see a cost reduction and the monthly savings will accrue from there on. We are essentially the telecoms department of the businesses we serve, we think, act and watch for everything so they don't have to, and like most other departments, the less you see of us the better.  A Voiptel Phone System will serve your business well over the years ahead.

Voiptel unit 15d Euro Business Park Little Island Cork Ireland T45K302

We're from Cork
where are you from yourself?

We live in a world where anybody anywhere can supply anything, and we certainly benefit by that. We are licenced to carry out electronic communications service throughout the EU,. At Voiptel we like to think of ourselves a offering the best of all worlds, proven technology, best price, local and remote service, whatever you need, whenever you need it, we are never far away.

European Customers

Fibytel.es  is a fibre broadband provider ( Cable Operator) from beautiful Murcia in the South of Spain. Fibytel is one of our European partnership customers and since 2009 we have provided Fibytel with VoIP Phone Lines for their customers. Ponsceramics is a  Spanish ceramics  wholesaler we provide  phone service for their head office in  Castelló de la Plana Spain.

An actual photo of CIX Data Centre Cork Ireland

What are we again exactly?

Voiptel is a telephone network built for purpose to work over the internet.  We provide VoIP Telephone Lines and VoIP PBX. We deliver your phone service over your broadband connection, future proof, lower cost, better voice quality. Our factory floor is in our Cork Data Centre CIX, this is where we process call traffic and PBX  through our ENTICE class 5 Telecom Switch array, and this is where we interconnect with other telecom providers at global pricing and service levels. The end result is a phone on your desk that you can depend on.  

Yealink T33 €95

Yealink Phones

The biggest decision for a business moving from ISDN to VoIP isn't actually what provider to choose because you can move provider, it should be what phone to select. The wrong phone means you have to buy again if you move provider. We use Yealink, for the last ten years they have proven to be trouble free with an almost zero learning curve for the user. Now they are ubiquitous with almost every carrier in the world is using Yealink. So you only buy once and you can move provider at your ease. By the Way, we make little or nothing from Yealink Phones, they are headache free, and we have the support of Yealink engineers who are eager to assist.

Yealink future of work

Future of Work

The Hybrid work force will be the way of the future and what you do today with us will cater for hybrid, remote, BYOD and the kitchen sink when the time comes. Everything we do is built to be future proof.

Start Here

In a nutshell replacing your ISDN Phone System with a Voiptel Phone System, simply requires porting your phone number(s) and replacing your phones. You are up and running in a few days and your existing service continues in the meantime. We bill your phone service and your existing Broadband Provider continues to bill your Broadband service. For those businesses that are already on VoIP then moving to us is even easier.

  • When suits for a phone call
  • Send us existing Phone Bill
  • Connect us with your IT contact
  • Broadband Router Make Model
  • How Many Phones Required

Voiptel PBX from ISDN

from€ 45/pm

  • Unlimited calls
  • Full call control features
  • AA with standard call Q
  • Mid inbound traffic 2-4chn
  • System setup from  €150
  • Onsite or Remote install 
  • Additional user cost pro rata
  • Small to mid size office
  • Full Support
  • ETA 3-4 days

Moving from other VoIP PBX

Less than what you pay now 
  • You are currently with another VoIP PBX provider
  • Ideally using your own Yealink Phones
  • No known impediments to moving provider
  • You are in Ireland ,UK or EU 
  • You agree to remote config
  • You agree to payment by DD
  • Full Support
  • ETA 3 -4days 

Call us with any Voip questions you may have


When I needed help with my phone system, Voiptel were referred to me. Their ability to listen and deliver your phone requirements is exceptional. Furthermore and most importantly, Voiptel's after sales service is superb. Voiptel are the benchmark in their industry.  Raymie Ryan Owner of Raymie Ryan Lighting 
Cashel Co TipperaryVoiptel Customer Since 2017