Home or Office 
it no longer matters
Some of us are just getting used to the term hybrid being used for cars and now its the hybrid work place.
You may have a team scattered between home and office as a return to the office takes shape
our cloud phone system is built for that
no cabling. no new phone cost.
launch tomorrow on mobile and laptop.

Our Flat Office Plan means you can get a Remote phone system in place by tomorrow for all your team. Start handling calls and making sales without the worry of unforeseen costs. Your staff will be connecting to the outside world with an office number and to each other by extension numbers, Reception has a virtual centre wherever reception may be.  No upfront investment, Flat Office Plan , 30 day contract.Home or office it no longer matters

                    Microsoft Teams or a mobile divert is great until you need to make a call or get the bill,
                                                We offer the ideal
WFH solution,Web based Cloud PBX
                                      1 TO 1000 USERS WITH FULL ENGINEERING AND DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT
                                       Better and cheaper than Skype, Aircall, RingCentral or DialPad
                     port in an existing number or get a new group home office number and launch TOMORROW
                                      Anyplace Anytime Anywhere.

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My company is in Spain but my clients are in the UK and Ireland. Voiptel   works perfect for all  locations its a great service that saves you money and so easy to use. Jorge Pons Owner Pons Ceramics,Castellon de la Plana Spain.