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Management Team

Maurice Twomey       Commercial Director
Michael  Twomey       Technical Director

Voiptel through the years

   Early Years                               Recent                                          Today

1999 Michael is Technical director of Madrid Telco  "Extra Telecom" and leads the company into the new world of VoIP.

2001 Michael collaborates  together with  Nathan Franzmeier and his team at Stratus Telecomunications inc  from Dallas Texas on pioneering a new VoIP TDM switch called ENTICE.This becomes one of the original closed source VoIP Switches and is taken up by heavy weights around the world.

2001 Maurice enters the telecoms business.

By 2007  Carphone Warehouse had bought Extra for the ENTICE and Vocaltec from Televiv had bought Stratus for the ENTICE. Vocaltec also happens to own the original patents on commercial VoIP.

2007 VoIP Technologies was formed  and became one of Ireland 1st VoIP Telecom operators. Our investment included a number of Class 5 ENTICE.  
2007 to 2010 we formed the VoIP backbone for Telcos who were moving into VoIP Technology,companies such as LCR and Amundo in Madrid and Cable Operators in the City of Murcia  such as Cblcom /Fibytel, who are still with us today.

2010 We launched Voiptel and we still hold over 90% of our early customers.

2015 Together with our friends from Stratus who are  by now Sky Networks we complete a project in the Caribbean on behalf of  Amundo one of our early Madrid based VoIP partners.

2016  The extended family team of Ourselves and Sky Networks complete another Caribbean VoIP project this time  also with our Bogata partners SSC  a  Colombian Telco.

2017 Sees the same extended team back at the ranch with our old friends in Extra as we manage all of their VoIP infrastructure for Madrid, now that they have become MasMovil.
2011 to 2020 we grew Voiptel PBX organically using what we learned with our bigger projects to give Voiptel PBX customers an edge at a very competitive price. We opened new interconnections with BT and Voxbone.
We were lucky with our channel partners, such as Apex Computers Cork to mention one, they have introduced us to fantastic customers . In 2020 we are working with Rural Broadband providers who are part of the National Broadband such as Tipp Broadband

2020 Our 20 year relationship with the team from Sky Networks continues to grow. The latest development is called SkyPhoneCentral, here we  answer the demand not just for VoIP but for  a Cloud Communications  system that can be opened anywhere ideal for WFH & video conf. Direct and through Channel Partners.
We bore you with all of this?
so you know that this VoIP Provider has the most experienced VoIP team available to look after you.

Tipp Broadband

We are Tipperary's largest Rural Broad Provider and are part of the National Broadband Plan rollout. We use Voiptel for the phone service that we provide to our customer base and find Voiptel to be highly efficient with special attention to detail.Our customers enjoy the Telephone Service Voiptel provide on our behalf and the personal service that you only get with a close dedicated service provider that works with your customers various requests.
We would highly recommend Voiptel for any business as we do to all our customers.
Mary Sexton  Tipp Broadband