Desk Phone Cloud based VoIP PBX
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Plan A

35 p/m

  • PBX  1 user
  • 10e p/m per extra user 
  • 200 min  per user to mobile
  • unlimited landline
  • standard features
  • standard AA
  • low inbound traffic 2 channel
  •  system setup  €75 
  •  plug &play Install  €75
  •  training &support
  • Yealink desk phones from  €85 to  €250
  • suited to start-ups / individual companies/wfh/international

Plan B

45 p/m

  • PBX and 2users
  • 15e p/m per extra user
  • 400min per user to mobile
  • unlimited landline
  • full call control features
  • AA with standard call Q
  • low- mid inbound traffic 4 chn
  • system setup  €650 
  • plug&play install  €75
  •  training & support
  • Yealink desk phones from €85 to €250
  • suited to small/mid size office solicitor/auctioneer /accountant

Plan C

€65 p/m

  • PBX and 2 users
  • 20e p/m per extra user
  • unlimited  calls
  •  4-6 channels 
  • advanced features 
  • Advanced  tiered AA
  • mid to high inbound with call Q
  • system setup from €990 
  • plug and play install  €75
  • training &support
  • Yealink desk phones from €85 to €250
  • suited to medical centres /busy office, retail ,trade,multi branch

For the last ten years we have used Yealink for desk phones and Bria for mobile, both have always been and continue to be trouble free. We also have support from Yealink engineers. These phones are now ubiquitous, they will work with almost any VoIP provider, so you only invest once, they are a bit like Toyota Corolla's, they keep going forever. 


When I needed help with my phone system, Voiptel were referred to me. Their ability to listen and deliver your phone requirements is exceptional. Furthermore and most importantly, Voiptel's after sales service is superb. Voiptel are the benchmark in their industry.  Raymie Ryan Owner of Raymie Ryan Lighting 
Cashel Co Tipperary

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