Migrating from ISDN to Voice over IP
ISDN has been a very reliable service,hitting the UK and EU around 1989 and Ireland around 1997, it has stood the test of time.The age for Voice over ISDN has now passed, data has moved off ISDN for a number of years as broadband has become more reliable.Also all office services have moved online from banking to payroll,well guess what, voice is lighter than all of these and it has also moved online,with no further need for ISDN or onsite bulky troublesome ISDN phone systems.BT has announced the beginning of the end of ISDN from 2020 with not a new ISDN line in central London since 2014.Most of the EU has already migrated all businesses to IP for Voice. Germany and France due to complete All IP Migration by 2020. So what does it all mean,if you think of your telecoms communication channels to your business as train tracks side by side,you have the old single track (pstn) the intercity track(isdn) and the bullet train track (BB possibly fibre) .The big telecom operators are putting their money into fibre and are at the same time moving towards winding down legacy ISDN with its associated costs. Moving your business phones from ISDN to VoIP is a big but now an inevitable decision,our proposition to you is that we are a ahead of the competition and that edge will make the difference when it comes to smooth migration and as an ongoing supplier to your business If you need information on migrating your phones from ISDN to IP we are at your service and happy to answer any question you may have.

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