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You may be surprised to hear us say this but in our opinion a Voiptel Phone System is not for every business. A Voiptel Phone System is a software based phone system solution hosted in a data centre, and delivered to your desk over IP (your broadband and LAN connection) You get the latest in IP phones which are both stylish and simple. Voiptel will deliver all the features you require, with access to your phone system at your finger tips, and in doing so cut your telecom costs by around 40% Over the years we have identified the types of companies that benefit most. 1. Multi Branch/Multi Location 2. Professional (Solicitors,Insurance ,Accountants and Auctioneers ).3 Exporting and Manufacturing 4.All Software companies 5 Start up companies. We have been migrating ISDN to IP for almost 10 years. As our system are Cloud Based. Our Engineers are at the Core of the Technology driving your Phone System, that means we can get to the heart of the problem should you have an issue or request, unlike many other companies in this market who are simply reselling a third party product. We have Phone System customers right throughout Ireland, with customers also in the UK, and EU. Call us on 1890 929 925 sales@voiptel.ie

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