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This is a Phone Line Built for the Web,Anytime,Any Device,Any Where
Margaritta is a Phone Line Built for the Web. WebRTC is a new technology,it allows you to use your computer/smartphone or laptop as a phone ... Learn More
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Cancel your Line Rental
Cancel your Line Rental by porting it to Voiptel and do away with the unnecessary cost,if you already got rid of your Landline because of ... Learn More
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Pre Sales Questions
Before you decide to with Voiptel, you need to do a one simple check, Do You Have Broadband ? It doesn't need to be like ... Learn More
You can rely on Voiptel
Since 2007 Voiptel has been used by businesses throughout Ireland , with customers in the UK and Europe also. These businesses range from local Bathroom ... Learn More
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Authorised by Comreg Since 2007    1890 929 925


This is a Phone Line Built for the Web
No App to download, No Install, No investment in infrastructure
Just Register with us, open a browser,login and start making calls
Instant access,Any place,Any device,Anytime
Port your number or request a non geo one
Available on 30 day contract with Non Geo number
Full Remote Support

From €6.99 per month 


No Download
No Install
No Investment in IP phones or Infrastructure
Keep landline numbers without the high cost
Configure with the latest call routing features

  Set up Costs 

for now ZERO


Available on 30 day contract with Non Geo number




 Support Monday to Friday 9 to 9     Saturday 9 to 5

1890 929 925