October 2020:  KBRA  a global full service rating agency  concludes a deal with Voiptel Cloud Telecommunications

In October 2020  Global rating agency KBRA concluded a deal to use Voiptel's  web based phone system."KBRA  has been proudly using the Voiptel SkyPhone Central web based phone system"


October 2020: One of our suppliers Voxbone  aquired by Bandwidth 

Voxbone operates a global backbone for VoIP Operators  like us, others in this area  for Europe would be Imagines Coolwave. We all knew that every business around the world was adapting options for Remote Working and Cloud Communications, this sale puts a value on that number

Carrig Medical

September 2020: One of Corks busiest Medical Centres makes the move to Voiptel

Medical Centre's everywhere in the world are struggling to handle the rapidly increasing volume of phone calls they receive everyday, with callers making many attempts before they get through. We deployed a solution for Carrig Medical that can better handle this huge volume of calls and manage them thereafter. With their kind permission we mention it here in our news section, as handling calls is a critical issue now more so than ever for every Medical Centre. If you are a Medical Centre wondering how you can better handle your calls, contact us without obligation at Voiptel, we may be able to help.

Voiptel  Think Business

April 2020:Think Business 

John Kennedy of Think Business speaks to Voiptel  April 2020

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